Amazon Route 53 records

Warning: Long post ahead!
TL;DR = Download the script here:

Now that I’ve got website hosting set up, it would be nice to point the domain to it 🙂

In order to do so, I’ll need an A record for to point to

But there’s no quick way to do it via PowerShell. And while R53 is easy to configure using AWS Console, that’s not what we want.

Let’s see which commandlets we have for Route 53 interaction.

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Happy New Year!

Start of a new year, and a new blog! What better way to  celebrate than with music!
Obviously, you’ll need speakers/headphones for it for full enjoyment.

Worry not, this is not a shock video or malicious script, it’s simply an epic oneliner.

We’re no strangers to love <3 🙂

Script created by Lee Holmes.