Remove EC2 instance snapshots older than X days

Guess who was lazy and didn’t post anything for months? 🙂

Let’s fix that!

Newest challenge: “I’m spamming New-EC2Snapshot every minute because I need my instance to be super protected against hacker ninjas! (Or was it pirates?) But now I have 6.022×1023 snapshots I have no idea what to do with!”

How to get rid of all snapshots older than 3, 7, 30 days?

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Know who you are

Are you frequently changing your AWS user accounts? Default regions? How do you keep track of where you are?

I just wasted 15 minutes wondering why are my EC2 instances not providong expected output. Once I called the commandlet with -Region eu-west-1 it was somewhat better. Once I also figured out I should probably get out of the restricted profile it was so much better.

So, how do you know who you are? No, whoami and your passport won’t do the trick here.

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I terminated my EC2 instance!

Congratulations! Your rite of passage is now complete, and you are officially an adult! 🙂

As far as rites of passage go, this one, too, sucks and was just about as exciting and useful as any other one. So let’s celebrate by preventing this from happening ever again.

Does your account contain production instances? Do you love right-clicking them in the console instead of selecting and going to Action button? Do you frequently run test instances in your prod account and then remove them (plus other collateral stuff) without thinking twice?

If answer to any of this is ‘Yes’, you need protection. Not armed forces-type of protection, and certainly not Durex. You need protection from your very self.

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Amazon Route 53 records

Warning: Long post ahead!
TL;DR = Download the script here:

Now that I’ve got website hosting set up, it would be nice to point the domain to it 🙂

In order to do so, I’ll need an A record for to point to

But there’s no quick way to do it via PowerShell. And while R53 is easy to configure using AWS Console, that’s not what we want.

Let’s see which commandlets we have for Route 53 interaction.

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Happy New Year!

Start of a new year, and a new blog! What better way to  celebrate than with music!
Obviously, you’ll need speakers/headphones for it for full enjoyment.

Worry not, this is not a shock video or malicious script, it’s simply an epic oneliner.

We’re no strangers to love <3 🙂

Script created by Lee Holmes.