Know who you are

Are you frequently changing your AWS user accounts? Default regions? How do you keep track of where you are?

I just wasted 15 minutes wondering why are my EC2 instances not providong expected output. Once I called the commandlet with -Region eu-west-1 it was somewhat better. Once I also figured out I should probably get out of the restricted profile it was so much better.

So, how do you know who you are? No, whoami and your passport won’t do the trick here.

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Happy New Year!

Start of a new year, and a new blog! What better way to  celebrate than with music!
Obviously, you’ll need speakers/headphones for it for full enjoyment.

Worry not, this is not a shock video or malicious script, it’s simply an epic oneliner.

We’re no strangers to love <3 🙂

Script created by Lee Holmes.