How many services does AWS actually have?

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m here to ask and answer one simple question:
Do you know how many services Amazon Web Services currently offers?

After the last re:Invent there’s probably around 200. But the exact exact number? No idea.

Why is it so? Because there isn’t a single source of truth we can consult. Sure there are sources of truths but can they all be trusted? And what do I mean by sources, plural?

Let’s consider the places were we can see the most up-to-date service listing. No, it is not your screenshot of that re:Invent video nor some other guy’s GitHub page with a “complete list ™”.

It is a living list. It evolves and changes. And gives us all headaches and nightmares in the process. The fact that AWS doesn’t retire services does little to ease the pain.

So how do we get the ultimate and final list of all the services in this life and death!?” I hear you yell in desperation. Fear not, for we will go through multiple ways of obtaining the same (but different) lists of AWS services.

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