Automate creation of Performance Monitor Data Collector on an EC2 instance or a WorkSpace

Do you sometimes notice high CPU or memory usage on your EC2 instances or WorkSpaces? Do you know what’s causing it? For how long and how frequently?

It’s easy to find a rogue process in Task Manager and stop it, but is it a part of the pattern?

Enter a century-old tool -> Performance Monitor.

Sometimes, the rogue process is an application or a service which spikes at random times for random intervals. In such cases, we need to set up a Data Collector in the Performance Monitor and use it to track resource usage over a period of time. Logs are then replayed and root cause identified.

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Happy New Year!

Start of a new year, and a new blog! What better way to  celebrate than with music!
Obviously, you’ll need speakers/headphones for it for full enjoyment.

Worry not, this is not a shock video or malicious script, it’s simply an epic oneliner.

We’re no strangers to love <3 🙂

Script created by Lee Holmes.